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How to Open Verified Paypal Account

Hello Guys! Today I will tell your how to open verified paypal account in Pakistan and all over the world. We can create Paypal account very easy just some setups. Many people face the problem during the opening Paypal account. I will tell your all the process about paypal account. Many people know that Paypal account is only limited in some countries. This is not truth. Paypal is using all over the world now a days.

Introduction Paypal Account

Paypal is an online Electronic payment service founded in 1998 that qualities and facilitates the transfer of money. We can use Paypal account if you have internet account . this is a very famous online bank all over the world. Recently observation  about the paypal account exceeded $6 million per day in mobile transaction alone.

Paypal online banking is very trusted platform for everyone.

Transfer money one another

In paypal we can share and transfer our money one another in some time all over the world. There are little fee of transaction .Paypal online server avail 24 hours day and night. We can transfer your money to the other people by single click.

Buy Good by Paypal  Account

Paypal provide us a good thing that we can buy products from the all over the world. We can pay your bill online by paypal.

Paypal debit Card

Paypal 2 year ago give us a another service of debit card. Now paypal also provide our customer master and debit card. We can us this debit and master card for paying bill online purchasing things . paypal card use in all kinds of Atm Machine to the share, transfer and withdraw the money.

How to open Paypal account Complete process tutorials


Amon Mugiraneza
Sir Where is Paypal verification video i need this :D :D