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How to Protect Your Facebook all Privacy

Hello! Guys Secure your FaceBook account information and secure personal  information . Now a Days many hacker attach your personal information by use hacking tools. Today I will tell you FaceBook Security must for anyone 2016 method. This is very important for anyone to protect your personal information. Many people Hack your personal ids by using different method.

The Main aim of the hacker is collect your personal information like , Credit card, Bank accounts, online banking and Debit card information. Then they use tools to recover the password and get all information about your personal. You can Lost your anything by attack the hackers action.

For Example: Many people trying to Access your account by send you fake emails, about money etc. you click on the link all the IP information collect by clicking on this fake links. So you keep secure your personal account of the FaceBooks . There are 10 Main Essential Steps to protect you FaceBook account are give below details.

Facebook privacy Setting

1.      Go to the setting  show the left side General setting and Security setting.

2.      Then click the general setting and you can secure and change your password, Email and user name.

3.      Now go to the Security option by clicking below the General option. Login alerts you an set when any one open your account then alerts  are active .

4.      Login Aprovel you can set your phone in login approvel option when you open the account then facebook send you a code verification. Enter your verification then open the the account.

5.      All the option show in security set your own mind.


Secure your FaceBook Account by 10 Essential Steps

1.    Create Strong Paswords

When your create your FaceBook account then keep your password at least 10 or Above  charactors. Your password keep number, symbols , upper case and lower case letters. And Main thing use different password on different account not keep same password. Save your password in a secure drive and place. Get help to the password management tool to keep your password secure and fair.

2.    Secure your Tweeter account with login verification

Second main thing is login verification to secure FaceBook account to hackers. One thing you keep in your mind not trust on only password . Hacker very easy hack your FaceBook account. It is very must you use 2-step verification to secure your FaceBook account. In 2-verification step is verify your mobile account . When your login at the FaceBook account then FaceBook system send you a code on the mobile you will entered the code and submit . Now your account is opened.

Go to the Security option and choose the Send login verification requests .

3.    Secure your FaceBook account by using 3rd Party Apps & website

When you create your FaceBook account then only go to the official FaceBook site and signup. Don’t use the 3rd party websites or apps to create your new FaceBook account.

4.      Open FaceBook account on only only to protect your FaceBook account.

5.      Do not give your user and password to the other people. And not click on the offering people giving money.

6.      Your system is up-to-date recently patches, upgrades and anti-virus software.

7.      Not open your FaceBook account on public places like net café etc.

8.      Many browser give you offer saving your password then not click on the save option.

9.      Delete cookies and caches from browsers daily.

10.  Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to protect your FaceBook account .

This 10 method is very important and effective to secure your account. Use and apply these above method for your best. 

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