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How to Remove copyright claim on your video 2016

Remove copyright claim on  your youtube video


Main issue in on youtube when you upload the video on youtube channel then some content match the another people content. The Youtube rule and regulation policy claim on your video and not monetize the video for adsense.

This is the big and main issue on your video.

It is must remove the copyright clain on your video for monetization. Today I will tell your how to remove you’re your copyright claim on your video. This is the very easy and simple way for this. First your know about what is copyright claim on your video.


First of all find out the copyright and third party content you’re your video , There are some steps give below:

1.    Open your verified youtube channel

2.    Then go to the vdeo manger which channel name below

3.    Now look for the copyrighted and third-party content on your video

How to Remove simply

Click on the video and then go to the edit option . Then where are you see the copyright claim . You see  the song claim simply click on it.Then click on remove the song .

Then click on the new video now process start for new video then complete the new video process then dlete the old video. Now your video is ready for monetization .

Before the all above process know what is youtube copyright and third-party content  I well tell you give below:

What is youtube policy

1.First You Respect the Youtube Community

Now we know about what is youtube respect . Simply we are not asking for the kind of respect reserved for nuns and brain surgeons about it.

Your brain thought very cool new community feature on the youtube all level fo trust.

2.You Do Not Cross the Line

This is very important option for all the youtube users. When your upload the material then you sure that all the material is not across the line Mean sexual  content which affect children mind etc. The main subject give below:

1.    Which material you upload identify and report content that contain violent threats.

2.    No upload the porn and sexual content on your channel whenever youtube block your permanent.

3.    Only these content and material upload which  show the harmful and dangerous action.

4.    It is sure that not upload the material which opposite the youtube legal policies.

5.    Your youtube data not upload which illegal about the harassment and cyberbullying.

6.    Your account is impersonate someone it is sure that.

7.    When you upload the material on the youtube channel which have good response for the children not affect children mind.

8.    All the uploaded material have real graphic content not violent or graphic content.

9.    All the video material are clean and neat not upload any data which metadata or scams an tricks for user.

10. Not give the site or page link which have copyright claim guide any user.

11. Before upload the video check all these above option for your best.

Full tutorial about copyright content avoid on youtube


if its not the song copyright issue what is the solution?