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how to get paid on youtube, By Uploading Videos

Uploading The Video and  Earn Money on Youtube

There are many ways to make money online. In this Post I will tell you how to make money by uploading your video on youtube

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Youtube is the worldwide Platform of the different videos. Youtube have big knowledge about anything. In the Youtube we upload the real and hd video on it. Youtube channel link the google adsense and youtube give a good earning point.

If anyone want to  work online the youtube business is the best full and time work for all jobless people. If you interested make money online then youtube is the best way for making money at your home.

There are Some rules and regulation for the uploading video on youtube. Third copy content not acceptable in youtube channel. If your earn huge  money  then is very important  create and capture your own video. Make your own creative tutorial about different topic. These topic belong to people’s interest  and knowledge.

There are Some Guideline for Uploading Video:

1.Create your own video

2. Not copyright video upload

3. Edit the video before uploading video

4. share your video link on social media

5. Keep your keyword authentic

6. link your Google adsense account for monetization

Full training  and guideline We charge Some registration fee:

If your join this then click the below link for the full training.

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After the click on the link then show a registration form. This form completely fill up and submit the the Request for Youtube   earning .

Watch Tutorial How to


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